Thursday, December 30, 2010

Building a RepRap: Gathering stuff.

First I want to source as much as I can before I start building to avoid any long stops that could kill my motivation....(Cont. updated until everything sourced)
Update:2011-16, Motors!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

UP! was Down! :'(

Yesterday during a 3 hour print the printer just stopped mid print having made 3/4 of the whole print. In the UP! software status bar there was the message "nozzle too cool". Not fun at all.
But during the hunt for the error I took some photos of the heating element and the thermocoupler.
(And yes it´s alive again!)

Measuring the resistance with the voltmeter gave me 150 kOhm on the heater meaning that it would need something of a few kV to get that hot. So here was something fishy.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Prusa Mendel prints

This is my continuously updated post about the prints from Kliments "Holiday Prusa Mendel",
It may not be updated every day but all the prints will be here, if not my printer breaks down or any other stuff happens.

Jump to the prints!

Update: All prints done!

RepRap Christmas special!

Kliment, who is involved in the reprap project, has just made a great holiday/christmas prusa mendel version. This might be the excuse you need to start building a RepRap, at least I´m jumping on and starting my build! You will find a new STL file every day, Christmas-themed in one way or another! And on the 24:th you will have all the parts so you can stay up all night building.
Christmas doesn't get better than this...

Christmas special STLs:
Kliment thingiverse page

Don't know what it all means? Get educated here:
RepRap Project
RepRap project, Prusa Mendel