Thursday, December 2, 2010

Holiday Prusa Mendel prints

This is my continuously updated post about the prints from Kliments "Holiday Prusa Mendel",
It may not be updated every day but all the prints will be here, if not my printer breaks down or any other stuff happens.

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Update: All prints done!
December the 2nd
Wade extruder idler by nophead.

December 3rd
Universal rod clamps for Y and Z axes.

December 4th
Vertex with foot, Santas foot!

December 5th
Y axis motor bracket

December 6th
Vertex with deco, says "PRUSA" on the other side.

December 7th
The other footed vertex!

Decmeber 8th
Star-footed vertex!

December 9th
Clamps with stars!

December 10th
Another xmas vertex!

December 11th

December 12th
Z LEGO motor holder

December 13:th
Four belt clamps, two rod clamps, two bar clamps.

December 14:th
PLA bushings, although my are in ABS :)

December 15:th
Pulleys for X and Y axes.

December 16:th
Z motor holder.

December 17:th
Lead screw coupling, the most difficult to print so far.

December 18:th

December 19th
X-end idler with the Stanford bunny!

December 20th
X-carriage with a beard.

December 21st
Small gear for Wades extruder.

December 22nd
The body of Wades extruder.

December 23rd
Mustache on large gear for Wades extruder.

December 24th!
Endstop holder sleighs
Merry Christmas!


  1. Chris You do a very goods prints I like very much.

  2. Quite amazing! Congratulations on printing the full set, and to such a high standard. There must be great satisfaction in seeing new pieces print so well. I had seen the Christmas special pieces published and wondered if anyone was going to take the challenge. Glad to see you did. It shows how flexible the 3D printing concept can become, but most of all it is a testament to your set-up, knowledge, capability and understanding of your equipment.
    Tks for sharing.