Sunday, November 28, 2010

The UP! extruder

Here are some photos of the UP! extruder and nozzle...

DIY Butter!

I made my own butter tonight from cream and some creme fraiche. I guess there are more hard-core DIY versions than this but since I dont have my own cow (or could borrow one at short notice) I went to the supermarket instead.
It´s delicious with fresh baked well as with old bread :-)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

40mm fan mount

I modified the 50mm into a 40mm, 40mm fans seems more common than 50mm.
Have not tested this although

Zip with STL and ViaCAD files, download here.

50mm fan mount/changing the nozzle fan.

I thought of making my machine (mostly the fans) a little bit more quiet but without reducing the airflow. So plan is to fit in standard fans with more airflow and less noise if possible. This is my first step, mostly because it was the simplest and didn't force me to take the machine apart that much. The STL and ViaCAD files are of course available for download.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting rid of warping, part one.

The printer has been running quite much lately, and everything is running fine. I've been trying to avoid printing large prints due to the warping problem. I thought I would try to fix this, or at least minimize it so it´s negligible.
In this first part I'm trying out a new platform adhesive paint.

Mikkeller - The American Dream

Note to myself; get this while availiable!
For the hop-lover this is a must, fruity and hoppy.