Sunday, October 24, 2010

Adjusting the UP! build platform

After some adjustments on my printer I found out that my platform wasn't level at all. So I started to see if there was any easier way than to put kapton tape or pieces of paper in the corners to get it level. I found that it worked quite OK with 2 washers.

After some maintenance on my printer the platform wasn't level anymore and needed to be adjusted. I had almost 2mm difference between left and right corners and about 1mm between near and far.
Under the platform there are three screws which you can loosen and put something under the corners to get it level again. There was also 3 spring washers that probably was used to make my platform level when they built it. You can also see the heater and thermo-probe. I'm thinking about putting some thermally conductive grease on the heater.

This wasn't the easiest thing to do, I had to unscrew, tape, screw back, measure and then unscrew and start over again, so I needed a simpler solution.
I put 2 lock washers in the middle and then used four screws instead of three so it would be balancing on the center allowing me to adjust the tilt by tightening/loosening the screws. Since the washers are somewhat springy it should also be possible to tilt it the other way.

Heater and thermoprobe, and my two lock washers.

And I must say that this works, at least for me. It took me a few minutes to get it level by tightening the screws using a feeler gauge. I printed the calibration raft and the first layer looked even in all corners now.

I guess there are more elegant and maybe more stable solutions than this. My first plan was to use springs but that wasnt something I had availiable at the time so this will be my solution for now. I need some playtime now  instead of adjusting, calibration and so on :)

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