Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thermal images of the build platform

I wanted to see how the temperature spread in the build platform in the long quest for minimizing warp and had the chance to borrow a thermal camera. I´ve posted a few pictures in intervals using the "preheat" function.

I had the chance to borrow a good thermal imaging camera, so why not take the opportunity and take some platform pictures? I tried a few test surfaces with a know temperature before I started and it reported the correct temperature on those so I feel like I can trust the image values.

This is the starting position. The camera said 20.0 as
well as my fluke thermometer. Reported temperature by
UP software is: 15.9c, the difference can be explained
that it was stored in a colder room about an hour before.

2:30 after start, there's around 10c difference between
center and edges. Reported temperature by UP software 
is 59c

About 3 minutes after start. Reported temperature
by UP software is 63c.

A little more than 4 minutes after start, UP software reports

5 minutes after start. the UP software reports 86c. 
Hottest spot is 75c and around 2cm from the edge 
the temperature is almost 64c.

10 minutes after start, the UP software reports 103c
and the 10c difference between hotspot and edge 
seems pretty consistent.

15 minutes after start, the UP software reports 105c and
there is not much difference after this point. it seems like 
it's the maximum temp.

A view from the side showing the aluminium profile 
where the heater element is.

So there seems to be around 10 degrees celsius difference between center and around the edges, or at least a few cm in from the edges. I'm not sure if this a problem or not?
I have to put on my thinking hat and grab a beer...


  1. Now that you've characterized the system - you can modify and compare.

    I'm curious if a blanket will help while warming up - a piece of wool felt, for example. Remove just before starting the job. Software should keep the temperature below the set-point, but perhaps this will help reduce the delta.

  2. Hey Chris.e thanks for all , you open my eyes to see more about my printer curling I thing is the variation of temperature . I have problems whit measuring in X,Y,Z and curling whit green paint and blue tape , i don´know .

  3. Paul, yeah there's alot to test. The makerbot community have done a fair deal of trial and error to learn from. So far I´ve been thinking about a heat chamber or an IR heater. But the blanket idea is alot easier to test, thanks!

    Jose, it made a big difference from me when I moved to a warmer room with still air. And also setting the z axis correctly. Good luck!