Sunday, November 28, 2010

The UP! extruder

Here are some photos of the UP! extruder and nozzle...


  1. Thanks, I've been wondering how the UP! extruder is put together. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like much of the drive system will carry over to 3mm stock extruders, because they probably need more torque than one built for 1.7mm stock. There are more machined parts than I thought, but there might be some concepts that can be adapted to a printable extruder.

    It looks like the heater block opens up too. I'm sure it's pretty simple, but I'd like to see how that it put together as well.

  2. I opened the heater block, and it´s just two holes, one for the thermocouple and one for the heating element. The little cover is just so they don't get out.

  3. I don't see a whole lot of parts that could be printed... Obviously the hot parts can't be (down tube, heater block). The heat sink is super important and can't be printed.

    The pinch wheel block block can't be moved far from the down tube and the down tube needs to be against the heat sink.

    You could print it, but machining it means no fasteners are needed (except those that hold the entire thing together). With the addition of a fastener, It looks possible to do it with hand tools and a file in order to keep the reliability one gains with metal parts.

    Probably wouldn't directly swap to 3mm material - it's not a bad thing though. 1.73 results in more fine control (but less bulk at speed). The design can easily be adapted and getting more torque is as easy as selecting an appropriate drive motor ;)

    The hard part is the down tube connection to the heater block. I haven't looked hard, but is it swadged/compression fitting?

  4. I'm wondering if you can give the dimensions of the stepper? Its hard to tell scale from the pictures

  5. Do you know what the extruder drive gear was made from? From here with the single small picture it's hard to tell if that's polyamide, galvanised steel, or aluminium with some odd anodised finish. I'd be surprised if that grainy texture is from casting, with such a small component.