Wednesday, November 17, 2010

40mm fan mount

I modified the 50mm into a 40mm, 40mm fans seems more common than 50mm.
Have not tested this although

Zip with STL and ViaCAD files, download here.


  1. I'll give it a shot tomorrow and let you know how it goes. Is your UP! really that loud? Or are you trying to go for the whisper quiet setup?

    Also, you mentioned in one of your past posts about increasing the platform temp, how do you plan on doing that?

    I haven't opened my UP! yet so I am not sure what is really inside.

  2. You can check on my previous post about squaring it, think there is a few inside photos there.
    It´s not that loud, it´s mostly the fan inside the machine that makes noise. But it´s mostly making it easier to exchange to parts that are more commonly available.

    My plan to raise the platform temp is to make a new platform with built in heating. I don't want to modify the original design so I'm trying to avoid that.